What is #House?
#House is a haunted doll’s house sized, 3D house made from card. Inside, a whole host of strange things happen when someone sends a tweet (on Twitter): an oven turns on and glows, a picture on the wall spins, the TV turns on, a lawnmower runs of its own accord, a tentacle rises from the bathtub and something can be seen lurking in the upstairs cupboard…

Beka made #House from scratch as a way of exploring how to creatively integrate social media into her work as an artist / maker:

Here’s how it all started…


#House began life as #Apartment: a proposal for a live feed film, where the hidden keepsakes within a three-dimensional, illustrated apartment are revealed by interaction from an online audience, live.

The video below features an initial model of an apartment block (also seen in the image above), where a tweet with the hashtag #someoneishome switches on an apartment light. When we tweet #someoneleft, the light goes out. A RaspberryPi and an Arduino speak to each other, and to Twitter, in order to switch an LED on and off within the model, when a tweet is posted online.

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